Arielle and Corey can be described by 4 things: kindness, athleticism, their tangibly visible love for each other, and their great hair. All things stated during a particularly heartfelt toast during their wedding at Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, but even without the toast it wouldn't take long for a total stranger to come to know Arielle and Corey's deep kindness for all, love for nature inspired athleticism, tear-jerking love for one another that really makes all the love songs pale in comparison - and, yes, their truly amazing hair.

When I first met Arielle and Corey, I asked them what it was they loved most about their venue, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, and why they were drawn to it for their wedding. They told me they absolutely loved the mountain views of the ceremony site, but that it wasn't deep in the mountains either, making it easy for their guests to get to. This simple sentence really highlighted just how sweet and thoughtful these two are; that when searching for their perfect venue, it wouldn't be perfect if it didn't accommodate their guests. Arielle and Corey also let me know that they wanted to take full advantage of having their wedding at Sylvan Dale by going all out with a western themed wedding. From seeing their fantastic sense of style during their engagement session, I simply couldn't wait to see how their western vision would come together for their wedding!

When Arielle and Corey's wedding finally arrived, it was truly the most beautiful day! The two were dressed with the most amazing western style, surrounded by the most supportive and kind family, and graced with a warm November day. Their day was filled with love, plenty of tears, and so many precious moments, I couldn't even begin to name them all. Suffice it to say their best day really was the best day, and a true sense of inspiration for anyone looking to plan a western wedding.

Congratulations Arielle and Corey!