Hi, I'm Tatiana Silberberg!

I am a couples, portraits, and wedding photographer based in Longmont, Colorado. I have been photographing since 2016, and received my BA in Art and Design from the University of Northern Colorado in 2019. My photographs have been published in both Girl Boss Magazine, and Myssfit Magazine.

As your photographer, I am 100% dedicated to YOU from the moment you book, until the end of time! I am there to hold your hand and walk you through all your questions and concerns, to be your number one fan, and to deliver photos you'll absolutely be in love with. All my wedding and elopement couples have my personal cell so they can text and call me whenever they want, however much they want, because my number one priority is making you happy. With this in mind, I am proud to say that I include all of your fully edited digitals in your online gallery. That's right - you get all your photos. No additional fees. No having to choose a small handful. They're all yours!

I am a non-binary, body neutral photographer. This means that I am LGBTQA+ friendly and make sure to create a safe space for all orientations and genders! Body neutral photography focuses on capturing you and your body just the way it is. I will not Photoshop your body to look slimmer, but I do offer skin retouching to remove acne and smooth fine lines.

Still have questions or ready to book? Hop on over to my "Contact" page for a no obligation quote, or just to chat!



“Tatiana photographed my maternity photos, and my husband and I both loved how they turned out! I originally didn’t plan on doing a maternity shoot, but I’m so glad I did. The photos were gorgeous and I especially loved how Tatiana found ways to creatively incorporate my husband into the shoot, even though he was deployed overseas and not physically present.”